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With an endless amount of home builders to choose from.. why PCH?


PCH CARRIES ALL FINANCING – We purchase the lot, build the home, and sell it to the buyer as a completed package.

START THE BUILD RIGHT AWAY – If after running a CMA, we feel that everybody is on the same page as far as your current home’s value/sale price, we can start the new build without your current home being sold first. If we time everything just right, you can move directly from your current house to your new build.

LOT SELECTION – We walk every lot with our buyers, we set allowance based on that exact lot, not just a general number. We can build on any lot that is available to us. 

LOW EARNEST MONEY – Most builders ask for roughly 5% to 10% down to start the build. We do a minimum of 1%, but in special cases, were your equity is tied up in your current home, we can start with $0 down.

PLANS AND SPECS – Every buyer gets a full set of plans, and a spec sheet the is unique to their custom home. Our specs extremely detailed, and easy to understand.

OVERAGE TRACKING – We track all overages during the selection process. You will know where your pricing is during the whole build.

CHANGE ORDERS – If you decide to make changes during the construction process, we only charge $150 for the change order. The change is tracked on your overage tracking. You don’t need to pay for the change in cash at the time of the change.

FINAL PRICE – Since we track all allowances and change orders live, you always know your final sale price. If you have overages and decide that you want to add them to your mortgage, rather than pay cash at closing, we have system to make that work. We do a onetime price adjustment approximately 30 days before closing. If the appraisal supports the new sale price, we can include any overages in the mortgage.

CUSTOMIZATION – We are about 99.9% custom. Each buyer gets their own custom plan and will make every single selection for the home. We do have packages put together to help speed up the selections process if needed, but there are no standard packages that you must stick to like other “custom” builders.

DESIGN STUDIO – For the selection process, each buyer gets to sit down one on one with our designer. She will help you with every single selection in the home. Interior, exterior, flooring, tile, paint, plumbing, counter tops, stone, etc.


POURED FOUNDATION WALLS – Most builders use block foundation walls. We include poured walls standard. Poured walls are stronger than cinder blocks. Poured walls have a better lateral strength, which means they can resist more pressure from the water and the soil from the outside. A poured wall doesn't have joints like a block wall, so it is easier to waterproof as well. 

FORM A DRAIN / GSX ULTRA SHIELD WATER PROOFING – Form-A-Drain is the 3-in-1 foundation solution that forms footings, provides an integrated drainage system. The Ultra-Shield Waterproofing system is a polymer modified asphalt coating which cures to a tough, flexible waterproof membrane. It works extremely well against below grade moisture and protects basement walls longer than conventional damp proofing products.

CERTI-STUD FOUNDATION INSULATION – Certi-Stud is an R-10 exterior foundation insulation. It has furring studs that run horizontally. With these studs, we can run stone or siding down to grade (the grass) all the way around the house, rather than having the unsightly foundation exposed above grade (at the top of the wall).

FINISHED ON SITE WOOD WORKING – We finish all doors, base, casing, newel posts, and stair parts on site. No Pre-finished materials. This gives a better, more consistent finish, and is much easier to make correction in the case of something getting damaged during construction. It is more expensive and adds a bit of time to the construction schedule, but it is well worth the wait. It also allows our buyers to use their own custom stain and paint mixes if needed.

LEVEL 4 DRYWALL – The taping/sanding is extremely important for the best finished product. Even with the best painters, inadequate finishing will show through. All of our homes are level 4 finish.

30 YEAR ARC SHINGLES / .42MM VINYL SIDING – We use Owens Corning 30 Year Architectural shingles. Not only are they a better product, but they come with a better warranty than your typical 30-year shingle. We use Mastic vinyl siding. They are not only a thicker material than you will find with most builders, but also have much more color options then most brands.

FIBERGLASS EXTERIOR DOORS – Not only are they more resistant to dents, but they have a heavier feel, and more design options.

SILVERLINE WINDOWS – Low E vinyl windows from Silverline are the best of both worlds, they are cost effective, and stylish. They have multiple color options, with multiple window grid options. They also carry almost any style and size you could want.

CUSTOM CABINETRY – Every single home we build has custom cabinetry. You will get a full 3-D rendering before any cabinets are made. Our standard material is Knotty Alder. Most builder’s standard material is a Pre-finished poplar.


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