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Your Lot / Find A Lot

We love a good challenge, and we love building on "off site" lots. Unlike most builders (unfortunately), we can do it efficiently, and with in budget. 


 There is much more room for pricing error on a non developed lot. Most builders pull a number out of thin air based on what they have seen in the past, and use it as an allowance for the PA. That is NOT how it should be done.


In order to make sure we get the most accurate numbers, we follow a simple yet effective 4 step process. This will help us accurately set allowances for:

  • Well & Septic

  • Tree Removal

  • Excavating & Dirt Work

  • Retaining Walls (If Needed)

  • Driveway Size and Placement

  • Additional Hook Up Fee's (Gas/Electric)


Contact us now if you have a lot in mind that you would like us to walk, or if you want our help finding the perfect lot! Remember, even if you don't build with us, it costs you nothing to have us find the perfect lot!

Brandon Vasquez

Cell: 763-464-4827

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